Full Circle Cleaning Products Review

FullCircle_LogoI was awarded a Spring Cleaning Party by Tryazon. My party pack included over $100 of cleaning products from Full Circle.
Full Circle products


Full Circle is a line of environmentally friendly, chemical free cleaning products.

Now, if this was a Norwex party, $100 would have gotten me 2 or 3 cloths.

But check out my party pack!

There was so much good stuff in there.  But, let me tell you about my favorite.

The one item I have used the most is the mostDust Whisperer Microfiber Duster is the Dust Whisperer Microfiber Duster. This is kind of like a Swiffer, but better.  It holds the dust better, without it flying in the air everywhere.  And it’s washable!  That means tons of reuses.  The duster and handle cost $10, but the refill is only $6. Norwex’s version costs $31 and the replacement is $13. Swiffer duster kits cost $5-10, but each refill only lasts a couple of dustings and then it goes in a landfill.  Full Circle’s is a better deal and much better for the environment.
Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner

My husband’s favorite item is the Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner. It makes it really easy to clean tall glasses and delicate glasses.  I hate putting nice wine glasses in the dishwasher and this does a great job cleaning them.  This is only $9 and the refill is $5.

Full Circle Tryazon PartyI held my Spring Cleaning Party with some of my girlfriends. After checking out all the items, everyone picked their favorite.  Full Circle gave me so much stuff, that I gave each lady the cleaning item of their choice to take home.

Full Circle Tryazon Party

Thanks to: Tryazon and Full Circle