iHealth Scale & Blood Pressure Monitor Review

iHealth_Logo_TaglineI was given an iHealth Scale and Blood Pressure Monitor for free in exchange for holding a Tryazon party and reviewing them online. iHealth has a large line of health products that all work with your iPhone via a free app.  All your health info is automatically stored and tracked via Bluetooth on the app.

iHealth HS6 scale with phone app

The iHealth HS6 scale is really cool. It paired with my phone and the app with no problems.  You can create profiles for your entire family. When you weigh yourself, it can tell who it is on the scale, based on your weight, and registers the info under the correct profile. The scale works great for weight. It is very accurate within 1/10th of a pound.Ladies who tried out iHealth scale


I was impressed with these women who were brave enough to weight themselves in front of everyone! (Something I did not do!)


Laura modeling the iHealth scaleThe scale also tells you your home’s temperature and humidity. I live in Utah, so humidity is something we don’t have to worry about. I guess in other parts of the country, this might be helpful. The scale is supposed to read your BMI, however, I could not get that to work. The instructions say, “Note: If the Body Fat measurement fails, only your weight will be displayed.” It does not tell you what to do when your Body Fat measurement fails. No one wore socks and it worked for no one.  They have a customer service number, but I haven’t tried that yet. Laura, my fabulous friend, modeled the scale for me!

The second item to test out is the Blood Pressure Cuff BP5 with phone appBP5 Blood Pressure Monitor. Again, this links via Bluetooth to the app on your phone. You put it on and click “Start” on your phone. The phone tells the blood pressure cuff to inflate! That’s pretty amazing. It registered my blood pressure and then charted it on the app.

I would have liked it to tell me “high,” “low,” “good job.” Something! Even on the scale. “You lost 5 pounds. Way to go!” Maybe in a future upgrade. 🙂

Nine women who attended the iHealth Tryazon party

At my party, I had eight adult women who had fun trying out the scale and blood pressure cuff BEFORE eating and drinking!  Everyone got health goal sheets and coupons for 20% off iHealth products and cards to sign up to be future Tryazon party hosts.iHealth Tryazon party pack



Thank you to Tryazon and iHealth!


Tryazon – www.tryazon.com

iHealth – www.ihealthlabs.com

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