Spontuneous Game Review

spontuneous box I was given a free copy of the new game Spontuneous and asked to hold a Tryazon party. My friends and I gathered for a game night and this was the only game we played, because it was so much fun!  We played for hours.

Before game play begins, you write down a list of words that you would find in a song. But, you don’t want to pick common words — you are trying to stump your friends. Everyone gets :30 to think of a song and the first person who sings a line of a song with your word in, gets to roll and move forward. If no one comes up Spontuneous box and gamewith a song, you have to prove you know a song with that word by singing it yourself. We had a few stumps and that was fun. But, the majority of the time people were yelling out song lyrics, often breaking into the full song or even a dance routine. We had nine people playing at one time – 5 women and 4 men. I thought this would be much more of a “girl game,” but not so. In fact, Ben won the game, along with a free copy of the game that Spontuneous provided.

Spontuneous boxThis game was a blast and I guarantee it will be played over and over again!


Thanks to: Tryazon and Spontuneous